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SHEro Journal

Give the gift of memories with this multipurpose journal. This journal can be used as a  journal, notebook, diary, gift, school journal, etc. It is a perfect gift for the SHEro in your life. 


Glory Crown

Sunday mornings at church were times for God, love, and bonding with Grandma. In Glory Crown, the beautiful hats catch the attention of one curious little girl.


My Mom Says I’m Beautiful

Taja is always teased about her looks but her mother always has the words to make her feel better. This is a perfect book for any African American girl that has been bullied about her looks. Taja's mother gives her great advice in this rhyming book about being beautiful on the inside.(This book will be available in June 2021 with added fun.)


Made with Melanin and Magic Journal

This journal will provide a great space to write your thoughts, to-do lists, and important notes.


Scripture Journal

The Sermon Notes Journal is a note taking tool for Christian women. You can use this journal to reflect, record, and remember each week’s sermon. This journal will document sermons over a 52-week period.


Girl Boss Journal

This journal will provide a great space to write your thoughts and important notes. It can be used as a journal, notebook, diary, gift, or school journal.


Nia the Unicorn Coloring Book

Join Nia The Unicorn On A Great Adventure! Nia, the Unicorn, is bored, stuck at home. Nia can't go out to play with friends because of the coronavirus. But, Nia knows that coloring is the best way to run away from boredom. If you are stuck at home too, then this way you can have fun together with Nia.



The illustrations of the book will grab your attention; they are amazing. In addition, my spouse does the same thing that the author did in My Mom Says I’m Beautiful; she tells my daughters their beautiful every day. Yet, after all the progress we made during the Civil Rights Movement you wouldn’t think that we would have to revisit this topic. But, in the hostile atmosphere of the Trump Administration, parents must remind our African American girls that is “Black is Beautiful.” And Ieshia Webster-Harris has created a tool just for the occasion. Give a shout-out to Ms. Webster Harris and order a copy of her book to fight the hate is trying to encompass our country!!!!

—  Staici L

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